On the market, you can find a wide variety of epilators to choose from! But, making the final decision could be really tricky and exhausting. Hence, we have described the different types of epilators in the market to help you find the one that suits your skin and conforms to your hair removal needs!

Rotating Disc Epilators

As the name suggests, the rotating disc epilators are equipped with rubber discs in place of the springs. When these discs move, they tend to grab and pull the hair out from the skin. But, due to safety reasons, the rubber discs were substituted by the metallic discs enclosed in a plastic case.

Spring Type Epilator

The most fundamental epilators you find in the market are the spring epilators, which are equipped with a spring to perform the hair removal. The spring-type epilators are divided into 2 types, which are namely electrical and manual.

Electric Spring Epilator: These epilators are quite similar to the stick versions but the coil twister is going to be driven by a battery or power supply. As soon as the epilator is switched on, there is a twisting motion that helps clutch and plucks the hair out of the skin. The electric spring epilators feature a compact design and have several variants.

Manual Spring Epilator: Also known as the epilator stick, the manual spring epilators are equipped with a smooth & tight steel coil. When such an epilator is moved on the skin, the hair would be trapped in the gaps present in the coil and removed thereafter. If you want a natural hair-removal solution, this kind of epilator is the one you need! Moreover, if you need to remove the thin facial hair, the epilator stick will help remove every tiny follicle quite easily.

Tweezer Epilators

The most-advanced epilator systems work on the tweezing mechanism. Different from the regular metallic discs present in the rotating disc epilators, these epilators are equipped with tiny metallic plates that work as tweezers. Available in different models, the efficiency of such epilators tends to rely on the totality of tweezers onboard.

How Do We Use An Epilator?


Getting rid of the unwanted hair on the body is quite a painful task for every woman. With the introduction of epilators, hair removal can be performed without any problems. Moreover, using an epilator isn’t rocket science and doesn’t need any expertise. To help you get flawless smooth skin after every session, we have provided a step-by-step epilation guide for your assistance:

Choose an Ideal Epilator

Firstly, you need to select an epilator that best conforms to your hair removal needs. To find a good-quality epilator, you can always check out the list of the Best Epilators in India. However, we would recommend comparing the available choices to get the best bang for your buck.


One of the most important parts of epilation is scrubbing or exfoliation. If you haven’t performed proper exfoliation, it can give rise to ingrown hair. To avoid such a situation, you need to scrub the skin appropriately before you begin the epilation process. Moreover, you should exfoliate your skin no less than twice a day. Doing so, won’t just prevent the ingrown hair problem but make your skin silky smooth.


When using an epilator, you need to hold it at a 90-degree angle to your body. You should refrain from pressing the epilator into the skin to avoid nicks and cuts. The tweezers will help remove the hair from your skin with ease. Pressing the epilator down might damage the skin cells and harm your skin. Hence, you need to be gentle when working the epilator over your skin.

Stretch & Hold

To avoid the pinching sensation, we would recommend stretching and holding the skin during epilation. Stretching the skin would help avoid the pain and deliver the perfect results after every session.

Epilator Motion

You need to move the epilator against your hair growth to properly uproot the hair from the skin. By doing so, you wouldn’t just ensure the perfect uprooting of the hair but cutting it tidily.


As we have discussed every single type of epilator available online, we anticipate that choosing the Best Epilator in India won’t be a confusing task anymore! Moreover, this piece of information is going to help make a well-informed choice whenever you plan to buy an epilator. Moreover, we would recommend our users to keep the top factors mentioned in the Epilator Buying Guide in mind for a valuable purchase! Following the purchase, the experience will surely be super-smooth since we have also delivered Epilator Usage Guide comprising the steps you need to follow for the perfect epilation!