Are you fond of eating steamed food like rice, oats, and pasta? Then, you surely need to bring home the best pressure cooker to enjoy faster yet safer steam cooking at home. On the market, you can find a variety of pressure cookers from the top brands like Hawkins, Prestige, Pigeon, etc. However, choosing the one that suits your budget & requirement could tricky. Hence, today we are going to review the Best Pressure Cookers in India, which will surely offer unmatched durability & ensure hygienic cooking.

Also, there are several factors that you need to consider when purchasing a pressure cooker from the market. Thus, we would describe the top considerations in the Pressure Cooker Buying Guide to make sure you choose nothing but the best. Moreover, we have made an attempt to present the best pressure cooker from every price point so that every user can find their match. So, without any further ado, let’s move on to the pressure cooker reviews to find the next addition to your kitchenware.

Best Pressure Cooker in India 

Prestige Svachh 20240 3 L Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

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Prestige, a preferable brand in the manufacturing of pressure cookers, and hence, it makes a position in the list of the best pressure cookers in India 2021. This pressure cooker can be utilized for different purposes in which you can boil, sauté, steam, and even you can fry the food. You can cook the food in this pressure cooker. The lid of this pressure cooker can be placed at any position, and you can close the lid just by rotating it. It also gives an extra glass lid, which also is used for serving purposes. The lead has a heat resistant handle so that it is convenient to hold it for more time.

The pressure cooker has all the standard measures of safety taken into consideration; it has a safety lock feature. Even when the steam is generated, then the lid of the pressure cooker cannot be opened, so it makes it safer for use. The base of this pressure cooker is stove compatible. It is made up of excellent quality of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which leads to faster cooking, and the amount of gas used for cooking is minimized.

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with an innovative design to transform the way you cook
  • Allows you to place the lid in any position & closes quite safely
  • Equipped with the pressure indicator to ensure added security
  • Offers an innovative glass lid to purposes like sauté, steam, & fry
  • Provides 5-years warranty on the cooker to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Effortless One-Hand Operation
  • Convenient Spillage Control
  • Innovative Ladle Holder

The Downside

  • Not suitable for large families
  • Isn’t equipped with non-stick coating

Pigeon Titanium 5L Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

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If you subsist in a larger household, then the Pigeon 5L Pressure Cooker will surely be an excellent addition to your cookware collection in the kitchen. Crafted from the hard anodized metal, this pressure cooker from Pigeon is way more durable & sturdy. Moreover, this pressure cooker comes with an induction base so that you can cook on an induction stove as well. Then, it features an outer lid to facilitate effortless yet faster cooking at home.

Further, you get an ergonomically-designed handle to ensure superior grip and avoid accidents. There is a metallic safety plug on board so that the cooking experience becomes even safe & secure. Lastly, the Pigeon Titanium Pressure Cooker is anti-corrosive, scratch-resistant, and metal-spoon friendly.

Top Specifications:

  • Crafted from top-quality material to ensure fast & safe cooking
  • Offers hygienic cooking with non-toxic & non-reactive material
  • Comes with a precision weight valve to save time whilst cooking
  • Features a gas & induction-compatible bottom for apt suitability
  • The pressure cooker remains airtight owing to the central gasket

The Upside

  • Ergonomically-Designed Handle
  • Durable Hard-Anodized Body
  • Metallic Safety Plug

The Downside

  • The bottom needs to be thicker
  • Tough to close the lid at times

Futura 3L Hard Anodised Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker

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Hawkins Futura is the leading pressure cooker brand, and so it has made a position in the Best Pressure Cookers in India. It is one of the beautiful combinations of functioning and form. It is made up of hard-anodized aluminum, which doesn’t have any reaction with the food. The cookers surface is also free from getting tarnished.

It has a superfast mode of cooking, which cooks 46% quicker than the regular microwave cooking. It has a safety fitting lid and offers a warranty period of 5 years. It has the function of fingertip steam release for added convenience. Also, there is a knob-lock system provided with the pressure cooker to ensure safe cooking at home.

Top Specifications:

  • Allows you to cook healthy meals without using plenty of oil
  • Comes with an induction-compatible base for apt suitability
  • Features the extra-thick hard-anodized base for uniform heat
  • Cooks the food relatively 46% faster than any microwave oven
  • Offers the finger-tip steam release function for convenience

The Upside

  • Easy Lid Locking Mechanism
  • Apt Knob Locking System
  • Uniform Heat Distribution

The Downside

  • Relatively smaller capacity on offer
  • Might leak from the whistle at times

Hawkins Contura Black XT 5L Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker

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Hawkins Futura is the leading pressure cooker brand, and so it has made a position in our list of the best pressure cookers in India. It is made up of hard-anodized metal, which doesn’t have any reaction with the food. Food-grade stainless steel is used for preparing the lid of the cooker. It has maintained all the measures for hygiene and is pretty much durable. It also has an automatic safety valve. The gasket is also a long-lasting one for added durability.

The gasket doesn’t get rubbed or scraped as we open the pressure cooker often. The handles of this cooker are also sturdy and remain cool so that it is very comfortable to hold the handle while cooking. Lastly, there is no possibility of the hand getting burnt due to the hot handle.

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with a uniquely curved body for easy stirring & cleaning
  • Features an extra-thick induction-compatible base for suitability
  • Comprises the pressure-locked safety lid to ensure apt security
  • Ensure top-level durability & hygiene with the stainless steel lid
  • Offers the steam-tight seal & secure locking with a sturdy fixed pivot

The Upside

  • Superior Pressure Regulation
  • Automatic Safety Valve
  • Long-Lasting Gasket

The Downside

  • Isn’t a dishwasher-safe pressure cooker
  • A relatively expensive pressure cooker

Prestige Popular Plus 6L Induction Base Senior Deep Pan

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Prestige is the most preferable and demanded brand in the manufacturing of the pressure cookers, so it makes a position in the list. This pressure cooker can be utilized for different purposes in which you can boil, sauté, steam, and even you can fry the food. You can cook the food in this pressure cooker. This pressure cooker’s base is made up of aluminum, and it is thick and machine pressed.

The handle of this pressure cooker is also durable, and they provide extra grip, which makes the handle comfortable and easy to use. The cooker comes up with an elegant design and a sound gasket release system and a metallic safety plug.

Top Specifications:

  • Features the metallic safety plug to release the excess pressure
  • Comes with a slightly concave-shape bottom for apt durability
  • Comprises the lightweight & long-lasting virgin-aluminum outer lid
  • Ensures time-saving & safer cooking with the precision weight valve
  • Provides the gasket release system in case of vent tube blockage

The Upside

  • Comfortable & Easy-Grip Handles
  • Gas & Induction-Compatible Cooker
  • Durable Precision Weight Valve

The Downside

  • The quality of the lid needs to be improved
  • Closing the lid might be difficult at times

Butterfly Standard Plus 7.5L Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker

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This cooker is manufactured using the food-grade aluminum material, which ensures proper hygiene of the food and long life. The handle is equipped with the smart lock arrangement, which is required for unidirectional rotation. It has a rubber gasket for a longer time, and the gasket release system is also installed for the safety systems.

It assures fast cooking and also the energy utilized while food is very less. The base is thicker, which leads to the rapid kitchen. It is equipped with a stay-cool handle, and it has a comfortable grip. Due to its thicker base, it has a quick-cooking method. 

Top Specifications:

  •  Comes with a special lock arrangement on the handles
  • Features the food-grade rubber gasket to ensure hygiene
  • Comprises the unique gasket release system for apt safety
  • Allows for faster yet energy-efficient cooking in the kitchen
  • Provides the induction-compatible base for added suitability

The Upside

  • Energy-Efficient Cooking
  • Thicker Base for Uniform Heat
  • 5-Years Product Warranty

The Downside

  • Isn’t a dishwasher-safe pressure cooker
  • The handle might slacken over time

Best Pressure Cookers in India – Buying Guide and Tips

Here are the factors you need to keep in mind whilst buying a pressure cooker from the market:


First of all, you need to consider the pressure cooker’s capacity so that it suits your cooking requirement and help you serve the whole family. The capacity you need to choose tends to depend on the size of your family. If you have a smaller family comprising 2-3 members, then you may choose any pressure cooker with 3L capacity. On the other hand, if your family comprises 5-7 members, then going with a pressure cooker with 5-7L capacity would be a decent choice.


As you would like your pressure cooker to serve for a longer time, you need to go for a model that has been crafted from a sturdy material. On the market, you can choose from the hard-anodized, stainless steel, and aluminum models according to your preference.


Since a pressure cooker is surely a one-time investment, you would like your cookware to last for a fairly long time. Therefore, you need to consider the material quality and safety features to ensure durability.

For an instance, the most durable pressure cookers on the market are considered to be crafted from hard-anodized metal. But, they are relatively expensive when compared with the pressure cookers made from other materials. So, if you have a tight budget, then the stainless steel pressure cooker would also prove to be a decent purchase.

Lid Type

On the market, you can find pressure cookers coming with two sorts of lids namely the outer & inner lid arrangement. Having the same functionality, both these lids tend to have some dissimilarity.

The pressure cookers with an outer lid are a touch bulky since the lid hangs outside. However, these pressure cookers can accommodate more food in comparison. On the other hand, the inner lid pressure cookers are compact since the lid goes inside the unit. Thus, the capacity seems to be compromised with the lid consuming some space.

Coming to convenience, some people are comfortable using the inner lid pressure cookers whilst the others find the outer lid to be viable. If you need our suggestion, we would recommend the inner lids as they are relatively safer with the locking mechanism.


A majority of people don’t tend to consider the handle of the pressure cooker during the purchase. But, checking the cooker’s handle for its durability, grip, and feel is quite important. Considering the handle’s material, the metallic handles tend to add to the cooker’s weight, which affects the handling.

Also, the metallic handles will become hot and can cause severe burns at times. Instead, we would recommend going with the ergonomic & lightweight plastic handles for better grip & easy handling.

Health & Hygiene

On the market, you may find pressure cookers crafted from materials that could react with acidic foods, which could be hazardous and affect your health. Moreover, the internal wall of the pressure cooker is going to deteriorate over time, which could lead to accidents as well. Hence, we would recommend choosing the pressure cookers made from non-toxic, food-grade, and non-reactive material so that you & your family’s health aren’t compromised.

Safety Features

Safety needs to be the priority when it comes to cooking. When you are cooking food at home, you are dealing with high-pressure and temperatures, and choosing sub-standard cookware could be hazardous. Hence, you should choose the pressure cooker, which is equipped with several safety features such gasket release system and lid-locking mechanism.


Nowadays, induction cooktops have become quite prevalent owing to their energy-efficiency and effortless functionality. Hence, a majority of people tend to go with an induction-compatible pressure as they work both on gas & induction stoves. Also, the induction-compatible cookers come with a thick-base to ensure uniform heating and unmatched durability.


Then, you need to consider the warranty period being offered by the cookware brand. If we were to choose a pressure cooker, the model with a warranty period above 3 years would be a decent choice. On the other hand, if you are short on budget and are looking for an affordable model, then the pressure cookers with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty can also be a good deal.


Owing to a variety of factors & features, the price of pressure cookers tends to vary a lot these days. Hence, we would suggest sticking by your budget and purchase a pressure cooker that best suits your requirements. Several brands have fairly expensive pressure cookers in the market, but we would recommend not overspending on cookware like a pressure cooker.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

As we have concluded the pressure cooker reviews, our users should have understood the fact that buying the Best Pressure Cooker in India isn’t tough if you stick by the Pressure Cooker Buying Guide. Moreover, we would recommend comparing different pressure cookers online to catch the model that suits your style of cookery. Also, we would recommend our users to go with pressure cookers that are induction-compatible as they are relatively durable and allow for uniform heating.

However, if you still find it tough to choose a pressure cooker as per their budget and cooking needs, we have you covered with the product recommendation. The pressure cooker that we would suggest our users buy is the Hawkins Contura Black XT Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker, which is an induction-compatible cooker featuring an extra-thick base. Also, owing to the curved body, this pressure cooker allows for easy stirring and cleaning apart from the stress-free serving of food.