Previously, everyone used to have an exhaust fan installed in their kitchen to keep away the smoke emanating while cooking. But, today the place of exhaust fans has been acquired by the Best Kitchen Chimneys with the inclination towards modern appliances. With several kitchen chimneys out there in the market, choosing the best one for your modern kitchen can be tricky. Hence, we have come up with the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India from the best chimney brands in the market.

Apart from the smoke, the best-rated kitchen chimneys are capable of keeping the impurities such as oil droplets, carbon particles, and heavy gases at bay. As a result, the kitchen feels fresh and properly ventilated whenever you step in. As Indian cooking goes hand-in-hand with spices and oil, there are ample chances of oil being spluttered. Such oil fumes would settle on the walls over time and mutilate the overall décor of your kitchen.

Moreover, the LPG when burnt tends to produce carbon monoxide, which can cause serious health problems such as lung diseases, eye irritation, and nausea. Thus, installing the top-rated kitchen chimney becomes inevitable to keep your household free from such health issues! Additionally, to make the purchase super-easy and worthwhile, we have reviewed several good-quality kitchen chimneys that are packed with exciting features for your assistance.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021 – Reviews

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC Touch BF 90, Black)

Elica Autoclean Chimney is designed with elegance and grace that is a perfect match to give your kitchen décor a luxurious and stylish look. It is a rare combination of alluring appearance and robust quality that makes it a must-have product for every household. It is an energy-efficient model that requires minimum maintenance. It is advanced by Heat Auto Clean Technology that helps to get rid of the sticky oil particles inside the chimney and collects them in the oil collector placed right below. Moreover, it is less noisy as compared to other products. Such a unique and qualitative product at such an affordable price makes it the most desirable product.

best kitchen chimney

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with the Touch Control Panel for easier operation
  • Offers the 1200m3 suction capacity for better performance
  • Comprises 2 LED lamps to allow for optimum illumination
  • Equipped with the durable Baffle Filters to thwart the smoke
  • Provides 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor

The Upside

  • Energy-Efficient Kitchen Chimney
  • Effortless Cleanup & Operation
  • Durable & Effective Baffle Filters

The Downside

  • Installation charges are levied separately
  • There could be some hidden charges  

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney (Prime HC TC BK 90, Black)

Eurodomo HC TC BK 90 is a premium black electric chimney attached with tempered glass that is perfect for giving your kitchen a modern look. It provides reasonable assurance of its filter’s durability as it comes with a stainless steel baffle filter that collects all grease, smoke, and dust particles and ensures smoke-free cooking. It offers a simple and speedy operation as a touch control panel accompanies it with a digital display. It is advanced by heat auto clean technology that collects all the oil particles, and it is kept in a separate oil collector that can be easily cleaned. Such a multi-featured product at such an affordable price is a rare combination. This product gives fierce competition to other products available in the market.

Best Kitchen Chimney

 Top Specifications:

  • Comes with the Heat Auto Clean Function with oil collector
  • Offers the 1200m3 suction capacity for better performance
  • Comprises 2 LED lamps to deliver proper cooktop illumination
  • The user-friendly touch control panel offers added suitability
  • Provides 5 years motor warranty and 1-year product warranty

The Upside

  • Sophisticated Tempered Glass Finish
  • Dominant Suction-Capacity at 1200m3
  • Effortless Cleanup of Baffle Filters

The Downside

  • Absence of the product manual
  • Suitable only for the larger kitchens

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK 90, Black)

Faber Hood Crest Plus Chimney is known for its durability, higher efficiency, lesser noise, and superior suction technology. This chimney has a high suction power, i.e., 1200m3/hour, which helps remove oil, grease, and other gases effectively and does not produce much noise. This product has a one-touch control panel that helps in smooth operation, but apart from this, it has a unique feature, i.e., the gesture control that helps control the suction speed as needed. Moreover, it has an auto-clean technology that helps to clean the chimney effortlessly. This chimney does not have a filter that keeps the maintenance cost as zero.

best kitchen chimney

Top Specifications:

  • Offers dual LED lamp arrangement for superior illumination
  • Comes with the 1200m3 Suction Capacity for apt operation
  • Equipped with the Heat Auto Clean Function with oil collector
  • Operated quite noiselessly at 58dB for added convenience
  • Provides 5 years motor warranty and 1-year product warranty

The Upside

  • Dominant & Reliable Motor
  • Filter Less Technology
  • Innovative Gesture Control

The Downside

  • Relatively expensive kitchen chimney
  • After-sales service needs improvement

Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Chimney (Nevio 90 Black, Black)

Hindware Nevio is a product known for its durability and its blend of unique design and cutting-edge technology. Its premium finish of stainless steel makes it more attractive. It has a suction power of 1200m3/hr, which removes smoke, odor, and other harmful gases. It helps in easy hassle less operation by providing one-touch control. Moreover, it contains a stainless steel baffle filter that helps to restrain the oil and other food residuals into the baffle and only lets it freely flow between the filters. Just like other products, Nevio uses auto-clean technology. What sets Nevio ahead in the race from other products is the presence of the Metallic Blower, which is connected to the duct system and ensures less noise, high air delivery, and durability.

best kitchen chimney

Top Specifications:

  • Equipped with the metal blowers to ensure maximum suction
  • Offers the dual-LED lamp arrangement for apt cooktop lighting
  • Comes with the 1200m3/hour suction capacity to extract smoke
  • Fortified with the Heat Auto Clean Function with oil collector
  • Provides 5 years motor warranty and 1-year product warranty

The Upside

  • User-Friendly Operation & Cleanup
  • Powerful 1200m3/hour Suction Capacity
  • Presence of Unique Metallic Blower

The Downside

  • Expensive installation charges
  • The pipe needs recurrent replacement

Seavy 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (Zeroun Plus SS 60, Silver)

Seavy Zeroun Plus Kitchen chimney is well known for its fine quality and unique technology. This chimney has a strong suction power of 1200m3/hr, making it suitable for medium or large kitchens. It comes in a stainless steel finish, which makes it look attractive and luxurious. Moreover, it has a soft touch panel that helps in smooth operation. A baffle filter’s presence helps in absorbing oil, grease, and residues and sending them into the oil collector. With this product, you will also get an installation kit, including aluminum duct tape, aluminum tape, U clamps, and a cowl cover.

best kitchen chimney

Top Specifications:

  • Equipped with two LED lamps to deliver ample illumination
  • Fortified with two detachable Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
  • Delivers a remarkable suction capacity at 1200m3/hour
  • Comes with the Advanced Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • Provides 7-years warranty on the motor for convenience

The Upside

  • Availability of Installation Kit
  • Affordable Kitchen Chimney
  • 1200m3/hour Suction Capacity

The Downside

  • Suitable only for smaller kitchens
  • Some hidden charges on installation

Glen 60cm 1000 m3/h Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (6071 EX Black, Black)

Glen Hood Chimney 6071 EX is known for its durability and black toughened glass, which ensures safety. It contains the next-generation baffle filter, which provides high efficiency and dynamic airflow. Its unique design ensures that the residues are stored separately without choking the filter. It has a push-button control, which helps to choose between the three speeds and hob light. Moreover, it has a powerful suction of 1000m3/hr. All the materials are of high quality like the motor has a thermal overload protector.

best kitchen chimney

Top Specifications:

  • Suitable for the 2-4 burner gas stoves with the 60cm size
  • Offers the 1000m3/hour suction capacity to avoid the smoke
  • Comes with the 58dB maximum noise rating for convenience
  • Equipped with the durable baffle filters for apt performance
  • Provides 5 years motor warranty and 1-year product warranty

The Upside

  • Impeccable Features & Design
  • Effortless Cleanup & Operation
  • Dominant Suction at 1000m3/hour

The Downside

  • Absence of auto head cleaning function
  • Customer support needs improvement

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

On the market, you can come across several brands manufacturing kitchen chimneys but might lack on part of the performance. The most popular and best chimney brands are namely Faber, Elica, Inalsa, Hindware, and Eurodomo, which guarantee customer fulfillment. Below we have discussed all the top kitchen chimney brands that manufacture the best-rated kitchen chimneys:


Starting from the gas stoves, kitchen hobs, and kitchen chimneys, Faber has manufactured some of the top-rated kitchen essentials. Established in the year 1963, Faber now has a manufacturing unit in several countries like India, Turkey, and China with a presence in over 13 nations. Moreover, Faber comprises a wide range of innovative kitchen chimneys packed with essential features. In addition to kitchen chimneys, they also manufacture Dishwashers, RO water purifiers, Induction Cooktops, and Ovens.


The first name that comes to your mind when thinking about kitchen chimneys is Elica, which is a reliable chimney brand. Being an Indian brand, Elica has manufactured some of the most top-quality kitchen chimneys you can find in the market. Started as a joint venture in the year 2010, Elica has been ruling the market. The brand’s production unit is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. Elica gets all its technical inputs and assistance from Italy and has nearly 15 top-notch kitchen chimney models.


Founded in the year 1967, the brand Inalsa is a Taurus Group subsidiary, which is a prevalent European kitchenware brand from 1962. In India, Inalsa has been one of the biggest manufacturers of food processors and related products. Moreover, Inalsa has 10 top-quality kitchen chimney models available for the customers.


Hindware is one of the oldest Indian companies, which manufactures a wide range of kitchen chimneys. In the year 1962, they stood their ground in the market for the first time with a manufacturing unit in Haryana. Apart from the Kitchen Chimneys, Hindware manufactures several other products like Water Heater, Water Purifier, Dishwasher, Microwave Oven, Cooktops, etc.


This brand has a worldwide presence in over 35 nations and has its headquarters in Switzerland. Eurodomo deals in a wide range of kitchen appliances and are better known for its innovative design, quality, and durability. Coming to the kitchen chimneys, Eurodomo has several kitchen chimney models on the market, which deliver the best-in-class performance.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys in India

Wall Mounted Chimney

One of the most common types of kitchen chimneys you find in households is the wall-mounted chimney. The Indian households prefer having a kitchen counter attached to the wall, which makes them a popular choice in this part of the world.

Generally, the wall-mounted chimneys comprise ducts for releasing the smoke outside the kitchen. However, you can also get the ductless kitchen chimneys, which tend to purify the smoky air and send it back into the kitchen. You can also opt to purchase the auto-clean wall-mounted chimneys, which takes the level of convenience up a notch. Also, the ductless and auto-clean chimneys are expensive when compared to the standard kitchen chimneys.

Straight Line Chimney

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a kitchen chimney or have a smaller kitchen, going for the straight line chimney would be a decent bet. A majority of kitchens in India don’t have ample space to install the other types of chimneys. Therefore, installing a wall-mounted chimney in a smaller space won’t be possible for the technicians.

Talking about the drawbacks of the straight line chimneys; these units lack the dominant suction capacity when compared to their counterparts. However, they help provide a decent overhead space, which can be marked as an advantage of installing these chimneys.

Island Chimney

In case, you have a modular kitchen and the platform is located in the center, then an island chimney would suit your requirements. These kitchen chimneys tend to hang from the ceiling whilst facing the kitchen platform. However, they need plenty of area for installation, which could be a drawback.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

By now, you must have understood the importance of installing the best kitchen chimney in your household to keep your place free from the smoke! With the introduction of different types of kitchen chimneys in the market, you should have found the one that would suit your needs. So, what are we waiting for? Bring home the Best Kitchen Chimney in India now to keep the smoke, oil fumes, and health issues at bay!

best kitchen chimney

However, if you have gone through the kitchen chimney reviews and are still finding it tough to make the final call, we would recommend you to go with our product recommendation. The top kitchen chimney that we would suggest to our users is the Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC Touch BF 90, Black), which comes from the Best Chimney Brands in India and packed with all the unique features!