With the modernization of the homes, the world is getting to see the smart kitchens that have been packed with smart appliances. One such appliance is the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder, which is going to best cater to your mixing, juicing, and grinding requirements. In India, we love our spices adding which we get that authentic taste and flavor in the dishes. Hence, today we will be reviewing the Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in India to help prepare such tantalizing spices at home.

We know that buying a top-rated mixer grinder for your home is the real deal, but having an inbuilt juicer module will make it even more special. Having a top-rated JMG inside the kitchen, you can surely give a healthy twist to your brunches and breakfast. The best-rated juicer mixer grinders have the capability to prepare those scrumptious fruit juices and smoothies to complete the breakfast table. So, if you need a top juicer mixer grinder or need to upgrade to a better one, this is surely the place you would find the perfect one!

Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in India 2021 – Reviews

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Mixer Grinder

best juicer mixer grinders


India’s favorite juicer mixer grinder Wonderchef Nutri-blend grinder is a versatile wonder in your kitchen to meet your blending, grinding, juicing, and chutney-making needs. Moreover, it is a compact blender that comes with a lid and seasoning cap to prevent spillage during blending. Also, the high-grade stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant blender is equipped with two jars, and sharp blades help in making smoothies and shake in no time. Further, it comes with a fiber plastic body, with 400 watts of power. Lastly, due to its non-skid rubber footing, it is steady and safe to you, and since its parts are detachable, the blender is easy to clean.

Top Specifications:

  • Features a compact design to consume less space in the kitchen
  • The blender is dishwasher-safe and has the plastic base material
  • Provides two years of manufacturer warranty to cover the defects
  • The centrifugal function helps perform easy and quick juicing at home
  • Comes with anti-skid rubber feet to keep the unit quite stable

The Upside

  • High-Speed Processing Systems
  • Sturdy Spill-Proof Plastic Containers
  • Convenient & Valuable Recipe Book

The Downside

  • Can be a touch noisy at times
  • The lid cover has some durability issues

Philips Viva HL7715 700-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

best mixer grinder in india


It is an all-purpose blender and grinder with unbreakable jars. Also, it comes with plastic material, with non-slip feet, dry grinding, blending, mincing, and chutney grinding. Moreover, it has a centrifugal juicer with easy and quick juicing. Further, this blender comes with overload protection and works in the same way as a standard fuse in the house with 700-watt power. Then, it can be a perfect addition to your kitchen as it comes with a specially designed jar with flow breakers ensuring fine juicing and grinding with zero chance of spilling of blending materials. Lastly, it has a separate pulp chamber that helps to make smoothies and milkshakes.

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with a transparent pulp chamber for easy cleaning
  • Offers the overload protection feature to deliver apt safety
  • Equipped with the sturdy 700W motor to perform apt juicing
  • Provides the dry jar lid, spatula, knife, and stainless steel blade
  • Crafted having a long-lasting plastic (ABS) body for longer usage

The Upside

  • Powerful & Sturdy 700W Motor
  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel Jars
  • Convenient Drip-Stop Spout

The Downside

  • The jar handles are a touch flimsy
  • Slightly noisy during tough grinding

Bajaj Majesty JX 4 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

top jmg in india


The next juicer mixer grinder has been built in a modern, stylish design with a sturdy body. Moreover, it can last long and is provided with two jars, a 1.5-liter polycarbonate jar for liquidizing, and a 1litre stainless steel jar for grinding. Also, it has a two-speed control setting to control the speed of the motor. Further, it comes with an incher so that we can use the blender momentarily. Finally, the appliance is extremely versatile, which reduces the time in cooking a diverse range of delicious food.

Top Specifications:

  • A centrifugal juicer for quick and easy juicing for larger veggies
  • Equipped with the 450W powerful motor to deliver apt juicing
  • Offers the built-in pulp container with motor overload protection
  • Comes with the motor overload protector to ensure the safety
  • Provides 2-years warranty on the JMG to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Effortless Usage & Operation
  • Compact & Easy to Assemble
  • 2-Speed Control with Incher

The Downside

  • Tends to extract lesser juice in comparison
  • The blades might catch rust over time

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W Mixer Grinder

juicer mixer grinders in india


The Preethi Juicer Mixer Grinder is an all-rounder because whether you want to have a glass of smoothie or make some grandma-style chutney at home, then this blender is all you need in your kitchen. Also, with its master chef plus jar and a 3 in 1 install juicer jar, this blender will help you with various tasks such as kneading, mincing, chopping, grinding, juicing, etc. Moreover, it gives a stylish touch to your place with its sophisticated design. Lastly, the 3 in 1 jar will help you make fresh smoothies and juices in no time.

Top Specifications:

  • Crafted from top-grade polycarbonate and stainless steel material
  • Provides two-year product warranty and five-year motor warranty
  • Equipped with the 750W motor to deliver superior grinding results
  • Comes with the feeding tube and non-slip feet for apt convenience
  • Offers the super extraction feature for processing tamarind & coconut

The Upside

  • Compact & Superior Build-Quality
  • Splendid Wet and Dry Grinding
  • Noiseless Chopping Functionality

The Downside

  • The locking system needs improvement
  • The cleaning might be a touch difficult

Havells Stilus 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

best juicer mixer grinders in inda 2020


The next JMg on our listing comes with the transparent polycarbonate break-resistant jar equipped with a fruit filter and a spacious pulp container that can extract uptown 2kg of pulp at once. Also, it features a three-speed control with high-quality performance and was equipped with a powerful and efficient motor. Moreover, the specially designed stainless steel sieve, having bigger spaces ensures that the fruit is cut effectively. Furthermore, it has a nonslip foot to prevent movement of the grinder while it’s running. Lastly, it helps in dry & wet grinding, juicing, chutney making, and blending.

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with an LED Indicator and offers tabletop installation
  • Offers the three-speed control with a pulse function for ease
  • Comprises the break-resistant polycarbonate jar for suitability
  • Presence of the bigger-size pulp container for effortless juicing
  • Performs both wet & dry grinding along with juicing & blending

The Upside

  • Anti-Corrosive Stainless Steel Sieve
  • Convenient Fruit Filter
  • Larger Pulp Container

The Downside

  • The plastics in use are quite sub-standard
  • The brand needs to work on the noise levels

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

best jmg in india 2020


Here we have a transparent juicer jar with the Prestige Juicer Mixer Grinder that enables us to see the entire grinding and blending process. Moreover, this model comes with a one-year warranty. Also, it comes with a handbook that guides the user about the product and how to use the product. Further, it consumes less power and completes the task in no time. Then, the cutting blade is made up of superior quality stainless steel material. Lastly, the strong plastic-based rigid handle gives excellent gripping and prevents slippage.

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with the safety lock mechanism to ensure optimum safety
  • Comprises the 3-speed control system to deliver convenient usage
  • Offers the overload protection feature for a damage-free experience
  • Provides the 3 stainless steel jars along with the juicer jar for ease
  • Equipped with 4 super-efficient blades to process even tougher foods

The Upside

  • Overload Protection Feature
  • Convenient 3-Speed Control
  • Safety Lock Mechanism

The Downside

  • Comparatively noisy juicer mixer grinder
  • The build-quality needs improvement

Why Do We Need a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

You need to have a variety of appliances inside the kitchen to make cooking and food processing worthwhile at home. Similarly, the Juicer Mixer Grinders will help effortlessly perform chopping, juicing, mixing, and grinding quite effortlessly. Therefore, a top juicer mixer grinder will help the homemakers to pop up with the perfect dish.

Also, the traditional grindstones tend to preserve the natural taste of the food items and a majority of JMGs are quite user-friendly. The mixer grinders also help to grind and chop the tougher ingredients such as spices, dry fruits, garlic, onion, etc. or prepare different types of chutneys without any problem. Moreover, if you are fond of drinking flavorful milkshakes, fresh juices, and smoothies, the Juicer Mixer Grinders reviewed above is all you need!

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India – Buying Guide

Not every person is an expert at purchasing the best juicer mixer grinder! Hence, if you are buying one for the first time, here are a few top considerations to catch a hold on the best JMG for your kitchen:


On the market, you can find 2 types of mixer grinders. You can choose from the mixer grinder or blender that performs the mixing and grinding and the Juicer Mixer Grinder that can also help juice up fresh fruits. Hence, a juicer mixer grinder wouldn’t just mix or grind different ingredients but also prepare your favorite smoothies juices quite easily. Therefore, we would suggest you go with the Juicer Mixer Grinder for an all-inclusive food processing solution.

Ease of Use

Whenever you plan to purchase a juicer mixer grinder, you need to check if the features and controls make it user-friendly or not? Since the juicer mixer grinder will be used frequently to perform different tasks and hence, the model should be fairly easy to use. Hence, you should check if the jars have an ergonomic grip, the control buttons or knobs, and other such features.

Number of Jars

If you want your mixer grinder to serve a variety of purposes, it needs to have several jars on offer. Hence, you should opt for the JMG that comes with no less than 3 jars or pots. The larger one is used for the preparation of juices and shakes, the mid-sized jar is used for grinding, and the little jars are suitable for preparing different types of chutneys.


Next, you need to check the build quality of the juicer mixer grinder so that it can serve you for an extended period. The Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in India are crafted out of top-quality materials such as stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastic. Having a long-lasting juicer mixer grinder, you won’t need to worry about the service or maintenance charges anymore.

Powerful Motor

Power is another aspect that you will need to consider when buying a juicer mixer grinder. Measured in Watts, you need to have a higher-capacity motor fitted in the JMG for better performance. If you need a mixer grinder to perform the daily processing in the kitchen, the 500W model would prove to be a decent choice. However, for grinding and mixing the tougher ingredients, you should choose the juicer mixer grinders that are equipped with the 800W motor or more.


Then, the juicer mixer grinders must be energy-efficient with low power consumption. Nowadays, every electronic appliance comes with an energy rating that denotes the energy-efficiency. However, the juicer mixer grinders with a higher energy rating could be a touch expensive, but they are worth every penny and help save ample money in the long run.


A majority of juicer mixer grinders in the market are equipped with variable speed settings, which prove to be a valuable purchase. Hence, we suggest you go with the model offering the variable speed options so that you can get precise results on every occasion.


Even the top juicer mixer grinder brands tend to produce a lot of noise during operation. Hence, you should always go for the JMG that has a lower noise rating, or else it can be quite annoying.

Auto Shut-Off Function

The automatic cut-off feature is quite valuable as it will save the grinder’s motor from being damaged. As soon as the grinder gets overloaded or overheated, this feature will switch the unit off instantaneously.

Safety Lock System

Next, you need to check if the juicer mixer grinder comes with the safety lock arrangement or not. Owing to this feature, the juicer mixer grinder will solely function when the jar is locked properly with the base unit. The contemporary juicer mixer grinders feature the double lock safety feature for added suitability.


A majority of juicer mixer grinders come with no less than a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The top-of-the-line juicer mixer grinders on the market can offer a manufacturer’s warranty that exceeds the one-year mark. Hence, we would suggest you choose the models that offer an extended warranty period, which tells heaps about the quality of the product.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

Since we have concluded the Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India listing, we suppose the requirement of a JMG is quite clear in your mind. Being an important kitchen appliance, the best juicer mixer grinders will help you perform a variety of tasks like grinding, mixing, blending, and juicing quite effortlessly. However, you might even end up purchasing a sub-standard juicer mixer grinder if you are unaware of the top features associated with the appliance.

best mixer grinder in india


Hence, we would recommend you to go through the JMG Buying Guide comprising the top juicer mixer grinder considerations for a worthwhile purchase. Moreover, if you still haven’t been able to make up your mind, we would like to offer a product recommendation. The top-rated juicer mixer grinder we would suggest to our users is the Philips Viva HL7715 700-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder which has been equipped with the Reverse Quadra-Flow that prevents the processed food from sticking to the jar walls.

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