Talking about South Indian food, Idli proves to be one of the most popular South Indian dishes. Hence, it is consumed virtually everywhere in the country. You can have it as a healthy snack and might as well consume it for lunch or dinner. For accompaniment, it can go with coconut chutney or with sambhar for the standard taste. Moreover, you can spice it up with flavors to create something new. With that said, you need to have the best idli maker at home to prepare a fresh batch effectively. Hence, today we will review the Best Idli Makers in India you can buy to enjoy hassle-free preparation.

The top idli cookers work effectively to prepare the perfect batch of idlis whenever you feel like it. With the top-rated idli maker, you solely need to load the cavities with the batter and place it on the gas stove after adding some water. As soon as the steaming process begins, you and your fresh idlis won’t be any far apart. If you are fond of idli or appam, you can have a look at the idli maker reviews below and find the one that would best serve your cooking needs and eating requirements.

Best Idli Cookers in India 2021 – Reviews

3R Indiakart 12 Cavity Non Stick Aluminium Appam Maker Pan

Easy-to-use and featuring hassle-free maintenance, this 3R Indiakart Non-Stick Aluminum Appam/Idli maker is simple and easy to clean. You solely need lukewarm water and a dishwasher to get the dishes cleaned effortlessly. It has 12-cavities, making the cooking process faster and efficient. Also, it has been equipped with a non-stick coating, which allows you to cook with lesser oil. Moreover, the appam or idli won’t stick to the cooking surface for added convenience. Further, this appam or idli pan features an ergonomic handle so that you enjoy easy maneuverability.

best idli maker


Top Specifications:

  • Non-stick Aluminium Idli Maker to ensure efficient cooking
  • Helps you prepare a variety of delicacies like Appam & Pancakes
  • Doesn’t let the idlis to stick at the bottom with non-stick coating
  • Features the ergonomic handles to help you cook effectively
  • Allows you to prepare the food quickly with better heat conduction

The Upside

  • Easy & Hassle-Free Washing
  • Compact & Elegant Design
  • Top-Grade Aluminium Frame

The Downside

  • Feels relatively heavy when loaded
  • Lesser layers of non-stick coating

Amazon Brand – Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadai

Steaming various delicacies has been made easy with this fantastic Solimo Stainless Steel Idli Cooker. This product offers to make age-old recipes such as dhokla, momo, idli, and Patras. Featuring the heavy-gauge induction bottom, this cookware is fit for daily use on both gas stoves and induction cooktops. Moreover, the cool-touch Bakelite handles will keep your hands safe from burning and offer a better grip. Further, you get the 5-plate arrangement to prepare as many as 20 idlis or appams at once to serve your entire family with ease.


Top Specifications:

  • Crafted out of 100% food-grade stainless steel for safety
  • Proves to be a comprehensive solution to perform steaming
  • Comes with a strong and sturdy frame to adapt to daily use
  • Features the premium-quality heavy-gauge induction bottom
  • Offers the stainless steel lid with the Bakelite knob for suitability

The Upside

  • Cool Touch Bakelite Knob
  • Lightweight & Easy to Clean
  • Value for Money Cookware

The Downside

  • Placing the trays inside could be tricky
  • The batter might sweep past the cavity

LUXURIA IDLY Pot & Steamer

Luxuria offers a wide range of Idli cookers (pot and steamer) having a different number of cavities. Catering to the gastronomical needs of the foodies, this cookware can prepare delicacies such as idli, modak, momos, etc. Moreover, the Luxuria Idli Pot has been designed in a classic fashion, which tends to consume lesser space on the countertop. Also, it comes with pure stainless steel plates & pots to ensure durability and longer usage. Further, you get the heat-resistant handles and knobs that aren’t going to melt even with high-flame cooking.


Top Specifications:

  • Boasts the sleek and classic design to ensure lesser occupancy
  • Crafted from top-grade stainless steel with no-rust warranty
  • Multi-purpose cookware to prepare a range of delicacies
  • Equipped with the heat-resistant knobs and handles for ease
  • Helps you prepare 18 idlis at once to serve the whole family

The Upside

  • Gas Stove & Induction-Friendly
  • Effortless to Use & Clean
  • Easy-to-Grip Handles & Knobs

The Downside

  • Not much space between the plates
  • Relatively expensive idli maker

Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Paniyarakkal

Now you will get to enhance your health even whilst enjoying incredibly delicious dishes with this high-performance all-in-one non-stick idli maker. The all-new and improved Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Paniyarakkal makes cooking easy, fun, and safer at the same time. Also, this piece of cookware has been fortified with sturdy handles to deliver easy maneuverability. Moreover, the non-stick coating has been equipped with abrasion and scratch-resistant technology for supreme durability. Further, you can use any type of kitchen utensil to remove the idlis as this cookware is metal-spoon friendly.


Top Specifications:

  • Comes with a 3-layer non-stick coating for added durability
  • Equipped with the abrasion and scratch-resistant technology
  • Comes with 12 uniform cavities to help serve the whole family
  • Features the Bakelite riveted handles to ensure a stronger hold
  • Dishwasher-friendly cookware to offer effortless washing

The Upside

  • Sturdy & Durable Glass Lid
  • Scratch & Abrasion Resistance
  • Residue-Free Cooking

The Downside

  • Slightly heavy cooking pan

Anjali – DAL12 Appa Patra Diamond Series

Internally reinforced 2-coat technology, this cookware provides low-calorie healthy food which is tasty at the same time. The Anjali Diamond Series Appam Patra comes with 12 uniform cups to prepare idlis and appams for the whole family. Also, this cookware comes with a non-stick coating and hence, doesn’t let the dough stick while cooking. Moreover, the non-stick coating is scratch-resistant to ensure longer usage and better performance. Further, you get the wooden or plastic picker to remove the prepared idlis without any hassles.

best idli cookers in india 2020


Top Specifications:

  • Low-calorie cookware to prepare different healthy foods
  • Comes with the internally reinforced dual-coat technology
  • Offers 12 uniform cups or cavities to serve the entire family
  • Provides the stainless steel lid to ensure efficient cooking
  • Boasts the scratch-resistant non-stick coating for durability

The Upside

  • Multipurpose Piece of Cookware
  • Scratch-Resistant Non-stick Coating
  • Sturdy & Sophisticated Design

The Downside

  • Not a lightweight idli maker
  • Not an induction-compatible cookware

Alisha Stainless Steel Steamers and Idli Maker

Crafted from stainless steel, it has a very elegant design that makes heads turn for its sophisticated look. It is made of high-quality material that takes care of health and hygiene. Further, it comes with an induction bottom so that you can use it on both gas stoves and induction cooktops. Moreover, it has been manufactured having a compact design to take up lesser space on the countertop. Also, this idli maker boasts modernized design & engineering to keep the cooking time as low as possible. The smooth mirror finish of the stainless steel idli maker adds an aesthetic value to the kitchen.

best steel steamers in india


Top Specifications:

  • Offers dual compatibility to make idlis on gas stoves & induction
  • Comes with a dynamically compact design to occupy low shelf space
  • Keeps the cooking time minimal owing to the modernized design
  • Allows you to prepare idiyappam, idlis, vatappam, and noodles
  • Crafted out of top-quality food-grade stainless steel with a mirror finish

The Upside

  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Easy to Use & Clean
  • Modern & Compact Design

The Downside

  • Absence of the non-stick coating
  • The lid may not close properly

Nayasa OLRADA Big Idli Maker

Moving from the stereotypical way of making idli on the stove or induction, here is a product of change- the Navasa Plastic Big Idli maker for microwaves. Now if you’re a learner, or scared of gas stoves, this product is a much simpler solution, making the food taste the same. Moreover, this idli maker comes with an attractive compact design, which makes it an ideal gifting solution. Being a dishwasher-safe idli maker for microwaves, washing this piece of cookware isn’t a problem. Coming with the 12-idli arrangement, this idli maker proves to be an ideal product for any family.

best idli maker in india 2020


Top Specifications:

  • Crafted out of the non-toxic virgin polymer plastic for safety
  • Features an attractive design to make it an ideal gifting option
  • Manufactured using 100% Food Grade & BPA-Free material
  • Takes only 3-4 minutes to cook 12 idlis or appams in one go
  • Boasts a splatter-proof transparent lid for added suitability

The Upside

  • Avoids Excess Moisture Build-Up
  • Lightweight & Compact Body
  • Effortless to Clean & Use

The Downside

  • Suitable only for microwave ovens
  • The lid emanates a burning smell at times

Top Idli Maker Advantages

In this section, we are going to discuss a variety of benefits of having an idli maker in your kitchen:


The idli makers keep the users away from all the hassles and the waiting game and hence, prove to be a convenient and modest way of making idli at home. Over the traditional style of cooking idlis, this is the primary advantage that the idli cookers have on offer.

If you bring home a properly designed idli maker, you won’t even require any sort of practice beforehand. As soon as you prepare the idli batter and get other ingredients ready, you only need to load the plates and stand to begin the steaming process. Commonly, the idli maker needs around 15 minutes to cook a fresh batch perfectly.


A majority of idli makers might as well be employed to cook other food items. As a result, an idli cooker proves to be multi-purpose cookware, which can prepare a variety of dishes and helps cut short the overall cooking time.

Effective Steaming

To impart an ideal texture to your idlis, you need to provide the perfect amount of steam. But, it could be a challenge if you could go with the traditional methods. Since the idli maker makes sure that the dough gets adequate and even amount of steam, you won’t have to worry about the steaming process. If you haven’t prepared idlis before, this might be the tool you need for hassle-free preparation.

Best Idli Cookers in India – Buying Guide

If you are buying an idli maker for the first time, there are several important factors that you might not be aware of. Hence, we have discussed the top considerations below to help you buy the Best Idli Maker from the market:

Types of Idli Maker

Firstly, you need to decide the type of Idli Maker that you would prefer to buy. Hence, you need to understand the fact that there are Idli Makers that can solely be used with a gas stove, and then you have the ones, which are induction-friendly or microwave-safe.

Moreover, you have the electric idli makers at your disposal to offer automatic operation. With manifold options out there in the market, choosing the idli maker that best caters to your needs solely relies on your cooking style and your preferences.

Cavity Size

Next, you need to check the size of the cavity that you get with the plates. Different idli makers come with different types, shapes, and sizes of cavities to add the batter. Some of them offer a regular size and then you have the cookers that prepare miniature idlis. Relying on your preference, you may go with the idli maker that can offer the size of idlis you like eating.

Also, you may even bring home the additional stand if you would like to prepare Idlis of both sizes. On the market, you can find the Idli Makers, which offer the option of preparing both types of Idlis with the presence of multiple stands.


Then, you will have to consider the build quality of the material employed to manufacture the Idli Maker. The most commonly used materials to prepare idli makers are Aluminium and Stainless Steel. With both the options being equally durable, the final choice is solely yours to decide. Just make sure that you choose a top-rated Idli Maker that comes with dense sheet metal.

Number of Stands

As we have previously mentioned, the number of stands that you get with the Idli Maker is a factor you shouldn’t overlook. On the market, you may find the Idli Makers coming with 2 to 5 stands to solve different cooking requirements.

Hence, the final choice solely relies on the size of your family or the number of members in your house. The larger stands allow the users to prepare a bigger batch in one fell swoop whilst the smaller stands would be better only for a smaller family or bachelors.


Lastly, you need to have a look at the price of the idli maker that you need to purchase. Hence, we would suggest you compare the price of different Idli Makers before making the final choice. As a result, the idli cooker you purchase won’t be overpriced and you’ll get a value-for-money product.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

As we have concluded the idli maker reviews, you must have understood that selecting the Best Idli Maker is quite effortless when you pay attention to the Idli Maker Buying Guide. Also, you need to compare well to get an appropriate size that is perfect for your family. Moreover, we would suggest you bring home the idli cooker, which has an additional steamer for cooking veggies and other food items. By doing so, you would join hands with a healthy way to cook at home with steam cooking.


On the other hand, if you are unable to choose the Best Idli Cooker in India even after reading the comprehensive reviews, we would offer a helping hand with the product recommendation. The top-rated idli maker that we suggest the users buy is the Prestige Omega Select Plus Residue Free Non-Stick Paniyarakkal, which comes with a high-grade non-stick coating to aid oil-free cooking. Also, this piece of cookware is scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe to deliver apt durability and added suitability.

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