On the market, you can find a variety of materials used to manufacture a dinnerware set. Staring from the ancient era, the serving dishes and cutlery used in a household have represented the status. Hence, we would suggest you buy a dinner set that matches your needs, budget, and preferences. Below we have discussed the popular dinnerware materials to help you make the eventual choice:


In the market, the all-white dinner sets with a minimal design that you come across are made from porcelain. A majority of porcelain dinnerware sets are bone ash-free and eco-friendly and hence, the vegans don’t need to worry about any part. Moreover, these dinner sets are relatively cheaper compared to the bone china variants and low on maintenance.

Also, the dinner sets are microwave and dishwasher-safe for added convenience. Lastly, the porcelain dishes can easily withstand higher temperatures and are treated to impart much-needed durability.

Bone China

Next, we have the dinner sets that are crafted from bone ash, which is a mixture of calcium phosphate and animal bone. Undoubtedly, the bone-ash material can endure rough handling and tends to last longer than porcelain.

Also, the bone-china dinnerware sets are dishwasher-safe but are somewhat porous, and hence, they aren’t totally stain-proof. Therefore, you need to take additional care of such dinnerware and should refrain from using any harsh chemical for cleaning.


On the market, you won’t find any dinner set more natural than the ones made from earthenware material. Going by the name, this type of dinnerware is prepared using fine clay that is treated at an optimum temperature to ensure durability.

Perfect for casual gatherings, the earthenware sets come with an artisanal look & texture. But, these dishes require extensive care as they are porous and lack anti-staining properties. Moreover, you can’t even soak them in water before washing even though there isn’t any tragic reaction in response to the harsh chemicals.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for an affordable yet sturdy dinnerware set for your home, the ones made from stainless steel would prove to be a perfect choice. To ensure longevity and extended usage, we would suggest going with heavy-gauge steel. The ones with a heavy bottom don’t need much maintenance and come with heat-resistant properties.

Also, the stainless steel dinner sets aren’t microwave-safe but you can find some dishwashers that could clean such dishes. Moreover, the stainless steel dinner sets are stain-free and could be washed using any kind of soap or cleaning agent. However, the dinnerware will acquire scratches over time with extensive usage.


Lastly, we would discuss the dinnerware material that we would never recommend to our users even after being an affordable option. Melamine is a compound mixed with organic nitrogen, which has properties like plastic. However, the melamine dinner sets are quite durable and unbreakable in nature. But, since such dinner sets aren’t BPA-free, these aren’t safe for eating, heating, and cooking food.

Moreover, when they come in contact with sharp objects, they could acquire scratches and tend to hold stains if left unattended for a while. Lastly, a majority of melamine dinner sets are dishwasher-safe but not microwave-safe owing to obvious reasons.


As we have discussed all the top dinnerware materials on the market, we contemplate making the eventual choice would not be tricky anymore. Moreover, this information will help you purchase the Best Dinner Set in India as per your requirements and budget. Also, we would suggest keeping the top considerations explained in the Dinnerware Set Buyer’s Guide to make sure the product meets your expectations. So, with all the aspects been discussed, you are all-set to invite your guests over for a lavish lunch or dinner for the upcoming occasion!