The room heaters prove to be an important device to have at home during the chilly winter season. There are a variety of room heaters on the market to choose from according to your budget, requirement, and preferences. However, we need to be careful when using a room heater and follow the guidelines as it could lead to fire hazards. Hence, we have come up with the important safety guidelines associated with room heaters so that your family is safe from any mishaps.

What are the Significant Safety Guidelines for using a Room Heater?

As per recent reports, nearly half of the fire accidents at home are due to mishandling of room heaters. These fire hazards are generally triggered when some flammable substances make contact with the room heater. Hence, you need to take care of the safety and preventive measures given below to avoid any mishaps:

You should refrain from keeping flammable substances around the room heater to evade fire hazards. 

Also, you need to keep reading material such as newspapers, magazines, or paper away from the room heater when it is working or even otherwise.

Next, you should never leave the room heater unattended as it could cause a fire in the absence of safety features like a top-over switch and overheating protection.

Also, there could be a fire hazard if your room heater is positioned nearby the curtain, bedsheet, or any other cloth material. Hence, you need to position the room heater away from such things so that they aren’t sucked into the unit.

The room heaters shouldn’t be plugged into the extension cords as it could be dangerous.

In case, some parts of the room heater have been damaged over time or it has some missing cords, then their replacement is a must before use.

If it is raining outside, we would recommend keeping the doors and windows closed as the room heater could catch the moisture and breakdown.

Then, if there are kids at home, you should refrain from leaving them unattended whilst the room heat is working. Also, there should be a minimum of a 3-feet distance between the kids and the heater.

Lastly, we would suggest the users go through the user manual prudently before they start using the heater to ensure extended usage and proper functioning.

Room Heater – Placement Instructions

One of the factors that decide the effectiveness of the room heater is its placement or positioning. By keeping the room heater on an appropriate site, you can ensure perfect working and better heating. However, if the room heater is wrongly positioned, then you might be inviting accidents and susceptible to danger. Hence, here are some important tips you can follow for better room heater placement:

Find a Flat Surface

Irrespective of the place you keep the room heater; you need to ensure that the surface is flat. When placed on an uneven surface, the room heater could fall or tumble quite easily and affect accidents.


Then, you need to ensure that the room heater isn’t facing any sort of obstruction owing to the surroundings. Except you own a wall-mounted heater, the unit should be positioned no less than 3-feet apart from the wall. Also, every person needs to be at least 3-feet away from the unit to avoid any mishap.

Portable or Fixed

Going by the name, the wall-mounted heaters are the ones that can’t be moved from one place to another. In some situations, the baseboard heaters are installed or fixed to the wall’s bottom end close to the floor. In case there are kids or pets at home, the wall-mounted room heaters would be a decent choice. Also, these room heaters come with a cool-to-touch body and won’t harm even when working. 

Though, you need to make sure that these room heaters aren’t facing any sort of obstruction. An important factor you need to consider is that the heat-flow of the wall-mounted heaters must not be obstructed by the wall or any piece of furniture.

Coming to the portable room heaters, you need to be careful about their positioning and avoid the regions where they could be kicked or dropped quite easily. The worst you could do about the placement of the portable room heaters is to station them on a shelf or table.

Presence of Moisture

Since the room heaters are driven by electricity, you should refrain from placing them in or nearby a damp area. Thus, the room heaters shouldn’t be accompanied for camping or placed inside the bathroom or kitchen. Moreover, we should not attempt to dry the wet clothes by keeping them over or in front of the room heaters. Apart from obstructing the heater’s air circulation, it could lead to a fire hazard.

Avoid Passages

There are several passages or paths where people generally walk inside the house. You should avoid placing the room heater in such paths where people are supposed to walk. Doing so, you would walk freely inside your house whilst keeping your kids & pets safe from injuries.


Choosing from the Best Room Heaters in India could be fairly easy but maintaining decent safety levels during use could be a touch challenging. Hence, you need to follow the important safety guidelines and position the room heater appropriately to ensure better working and safer use.