the lockdown, since many of us have been working from home, we tend to be stuck to the study chair working all day long. Whether it is eating food or working on our projects, we need to be in a seated position. As a result, the whole pressure and strain is felt in the neck, shoulders, and mostly on the back. With such a sedentary lifestyle, we need to bring home the best lumbar support for chair to maintain the correct posture and evade the annoying back pain. Hence, today we have lined up the Best Back Supports for Chair in India to keep your back, neck, and shoulders at ease.

The lumbar support pillows can be fixed to the chairs in your office, study, and cars to keep the stress away from your back. However, there are plenty of options out there in the market, which makes the purchase quite tricky? Moreover, we have also presented the Back Support Buying Guide comprising the top aspects to consider for buying the best lumbar support. So, if you are looking for best-rated back support for chair, read on to get all the insights you need for a better buying experience!

Top 6 Best Back Supports in India 2021 – Detailed Reviews

Fovera Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion

Fovera presents an anti-flattering memory foam lumbar support. It is best suitable for people who spend most of their time in an office or computer chair. It has high-quality memory foam material. It is balanced between plush and firmness. It will correctly align your spine very comfortably. It has two adjustable straps at the back, which keep the cushion in the right position and provide maximum comfort. This cushion can be fixed to different kinds of chairs at work or at home. It is ergonomically designed. The pillows and cushions provide all-day comfort and support.

It will reduce unwanted pressure on your back due to sitting for long hours at work or at home. This ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow will align your neck and back correctly and will improve your posture. The cushion can be adjusted up or down to suit your height or comfort. It also has mesh fabric covers that are breathable and helps keep your back cool. The body cover can also be removed and washed to keep it clean and hygienic.

Fovera Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion

Top Specifications:

  • Fortified with premium-quality anti-flattering memory foam
  • Comes with two adjustable straps at the back for suitability
  • Offers the washable mesh fabric cover to ensure hygiene
  • Helps to relieve back pain experienced from prolonged sitting
  • Provides the anti-sweat fabric to keep away the annoyance

The Upside

  • Washable Mesh Fabric Cover
  • Twin Adjustable Straps
  • Extremely Breathable Fabric

The Downside

  • Might be tough to remove the cover
  • High-end cushion but relatively costly

Vissco PC0121 Orthopaedic Back Rest

Vissco PCO121 features a lightweight backrest that comfortably supports your spine. It improves your sitting posture when placed on chairs. It removes every discomfort and pain after surgery. It is designed to align your spine and to support correct posture while sitting. It has a polyurethane foam. It has a lightweight polycarbonate frame. The durable polyurethane foam protects the structure and provides cushy comfort used together. This portable backrest promotes relaxations and prevents fatigue.

You can use it as all-day therapeutic support. You can use it in your office chair as well as for a long journey. This backrest will give you support when placed on the office or home chair, automobile seat, or wheelchair. This backrest also gives you comfort on poorly designed chairs. It is placed on the back on the chair and fixed with a belt.

best back support for chair in india

Top Specifications:

  • Features the lightweight polycarbonate frame for suitability
  • Fortified with the long-lasting polyurethane foam for comfort
  • Helps you feel comfortable when traveling longer distances
  • An ideal lumbar support cushion to relieve pain post-surgery
  • Comes with the S-shaped frame to properly align with the back

The Upside

  • Lightweight and Portable Cushion
  • All-Day Therapeutic Support
  • Suitable for Any Type of Chair

The Downside

  • Might feel pretty hard at times
  • Absence of the adjustable straps

Grin Health Memory Foam Back Cushion – Orthopedic Lumbar Support

Grin Health presents a premium memory foam back cushion. It is ergonomically and orthopedically designed. The pillow is 17.7 inches wider than any other lumbar support. The cushions are soft and eliminate every discomfort. It is a second-generation back cushion with a newly designed bird-eye breathable cover. The provided mounting strap on the back is adjustable, which provide a perfect back support position. It can be fixed or moved to your chair’s desired position at home or work or car seat.

It has a humid build-up. It will gently hold you in the correct position. It reduces discomfort associated with lower back soreness, injury, and chronic conditions. It has unique two-dimensional construction that comfortably fits the base, lumbar back. It comes with moderate resilience for absorbing and distributing body pressure, providing long hours of comfortable sitting. The cushion cover is made of anti-sweat fabric, which is washable. It gives a soft and luxurious feel.

back support for chair

Top Specifications:

  • Fortified with the high-quality memory foam for best cushioning
  • Comes with the bird-eye anti-sweat cover to evade irritation
  • Comprises the adjustable mounting strap to deliver convenience
  • Comfortably fits the back & waist with the 2-dimensional design
  • Gently stimulates the back with soft-profile acupressure nodules

The Upside

  • Bird-Eye Breathable Cover
  • Wide Coverage Lumbar Support
  • High-Grade Memory Foam

The Downside

  • Not apt for the curved office chairs
  • The cushion feels a bit hard at times

OBLIQ Memory Foam Chair Cushion with Cooling Gel

Obliq presents a triple layer ergonomically designed back support cushion. This cushion’s memory foam supports your spine and aligns it in a natural and correct, pressure-relieving position. It strategically fits the curve of your lower back in a comfortable way. It has a butterfly design on both sides, which provides proper support. It relieves your back’s pressure and keeps you in a comfortable sitting position even on an ergonomically incorrect chair or seat. It has a gel core that gives a cooling effect to your lower back and keeps you warm and avoids sweating.

The three materials used work to remove discomfort and sweat. It is covered with top quality mesh with breathability and better airflow to prevent sweat during long periods of sitting. It is made of top-grade dense memory foam and gel material. The materials used are long-lasting and keep their shape even after prolonged or heavy use. It is installed quickly with an adjustable one clip belt and generously fit around many chairs. The pillow is lightweight and can be carried easily. It also works in wheelchairs. This back support can be easily cleaned.

best chair cushions india

Top Specifications:

  • Equipped with the high-quality & durable dense memory foam
  • Comes with the triple-layer design to deliver the finest comfort
  • Features the breathable mesh cover to ensure the hygiene
  • Specifically intended to properly fit the curve of your lower back
  • Suitable for any type of chairs to deliver the added convenience

The Upside

  • Top-Rated Dense Memory Foam
  • Machine Washable Mesh Cover
  • Ergonomically Designed Cushion

The Downside

  • The short length of the strap
  • Might be tough to fit at times

Metron Slim Soft Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

Metron presents a slim firm, supportive lumbar support pillow. This lumbar cushion perfectly aligns your back and effectively relief lower back pain and tightness. It contains adjustable straps that keep the cushion in place and prevent from sliding down of cushion. The straps can be adjusted according to the need. To change the cushion, move the slider towards the buckle. It reduces tension in the mid and lower back region due to backaches from sitting.

Further, you can relieve the muscle ache from lifting and exercise, arthritis, stenosis, herniated disk, and general soreness. It is used in most office chairs, desk chairs, armchair, couch, car seat, wheelchair, etc. It is useful in back pain relief with taller and thicker design. This ergonomic lumbar support fits your back’s natural curve for proper spinal alignment and promotes a healthy posture. The durability of the material used is pretty good, and this can easily fit any seat.

best lumbar support india

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with the adjustable strap for convenient fitting
  • Relatively thick and tall to offer wider back coverage
  • Designed ergonomically to take the shape of your back
  • Fortified with the high-density memory foam for comfort
  • The outer pillow cover can be washed to ensure hygiene

The Upside

  • Wide Range Application
  • Slim & Sophisticated Design
  • Wider Back Coverage

The Downside

  • Might feel a bit hard at times
  • The thickness can be increased

MOJOREST Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Mojorest features an economically designed all-day comfort back support cushion. This cushion reduces discomfort and pain associated with lower back pain, injury, chronic condition, and support to your back. It is made of 100% premium quality memory foam, which provides the best lower back support. It has two adjustable straps that are properly fixed to the seat. To keep the pillow in the right place while working, these straps are provided. It has a breathable and ventilated mesh fabric cover. The cushion keeps your back cool and dry by better air-flow.

The mesh cover is anti-sweat. They promote proper sitting posture. The ergonomic design guides your body into a position that helps to reduce strain on your lower back. The pillow follows the curve of your body, which comfortably holds your waist and feels natural. It can be used for a long hour sitting on an office chair, wheelchair, and driving seat. You can easily remove and wash the cover from time to time

top lumbar support for chair in india

Top Specifications:

  • Fortified with the 100% premium-quality durable memory foam
  • Comes with the anti-sweat & breathable mesh cover for hygiene
  • Comprises two adjustable straps to allow for a comfortable fit
  • Can be adjusted quite effortless according to various office chairs
  • Offers the durable metal zipper for the cover for added suitability

The Upside

  • High-Quality Strap Buckles
  • High-Grade Stitching
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric

The Downside

  • Absence of the return policy
  • The cover can be tough to remove

Best Back Supports in India – Buying Guide

In this segment, we are going to discuss the top factors you need to check while shopping for the best lumbar support for chair:

Weight & Dimensions

First & foremost, the aspect you need to check is the weight and thickness of the back support. For better comfort and relaxation, you have to go for a thicker pillow that offers decent flexibility. The lumbar supports with the lesser thickness could prove to be uncomfortable. Also, you should check is the lumbar support is going to uphold its firm design or be compressed over time. Hence, you can easily figure out the overall durability of the back support.


Next, you will have to consider the lumbar support’s height as the longer ones would help offer better back coverage. In case, you are short, you can go with the short back supports so that it can cover the entire chair. As a result, you can feel even more comfortable after prolonged sitting.

Material Quality

Another significant aspect you need to consider is the quality of the material used for making the lumbar support. The decent quality material would be long-lasting and hence, offers comfort for a longer time. Also, the other aspects like breathability, comfort, etc. are also important to consider. You should go for the memory foam lumbar supports as they would offer decent support and improve the posture.


Furthermore, you need to ensure that the back support cushion is adjustable for easier fitting. As a result, the lumbar support can be attached to the office hair, car seat, study chair, etc. Also, you need to choose the back support for a chair that aligns with the seat properly for added comfort. These kinds of back supports tend to charge their form to take the shape of your back. Moreover, they come back to their original design as soon as you stand up.

Back Support Cover

Without a doubt, you can understand the fact that the lumbar support pillow tends to catch dirt and moisture over time. Hence, you must opt for a back support cushion that offers a removable and washable cover to keep up the freshness and hygiene.

Supplementary Features

Lastly, there are some other factors or aspects like adjustable straps and cooling gel pad, which add to the comfort. The adjustable straps will help the user keep the lumbar support pillow in its place by fastening it to the chair. Also, the cooling gel pad will offer apt comfort as it massages the lower back. As a result, you won’t feel the strain on your back even after prolonged sitting.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

Since we have reached the latter portions of the orthopedic back support reviews, we anticipate choosing the top back support cushion won’t be tricky anymore. Further, we have made sure that we present the lumbar support for chair from every price segment so that every user finds one that matches their budget. Additionally, all the back supports for chairs have been crafted out of top-quality material and hence, the durability and comfort won’t be an issue!

Moreover, if there are a few users who still haven’t been able to choose the best back support for chair from our listing, we would suggest them to go with our product recommendation. The back support cushion that we would recommend to our users is the Fovera Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion, which has been fortified with high-grade memory foam. As a result, it proves to be ideal lumbar support for office chair, wheel-chair, and study chair.

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