In recent times, people have shown their interest in gas geysers and refrain from buying the electric water heaters available in the market. What has actually changed the mindset of people? Why are they interested in gas geysers? What gives gas geysers an edge over their electric counterparts? We have all this and a lot more in store for you in this informative post. So, if you are in a dilemma and need a water heating solution for your home, the things discussed below will surely make things quite clear!

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Gas Geysers vs. Electric Water Heater

For the past few decades, we only had the electric water heaters installed at home for bathing during the winters. But, the gas geysers have surely made their presence felt owing to a variety of aspects. In this section, we will discuss the factors that make gas geysers a winner over their electric counterparts:


Talking about the price, the gas geysers prove to be highly affordable compared to the electric water heaters. In just around 4000 to 5000 rupees, you can buy a 6-liter gas geyser whilst the electric ones can cost quite high. Moreover, the working cost of a gas geyser tends to complement its cost price. Hence, the gas geysers are surely a good choice over electric heaters on price.


The gas geysers tend to heat water using LPG and not electricity. Solely the burner needs some electricity to light up and start the heating process. As a result, the power consumption and the associated costs are out of the way. Hence, the gas geysers are quite energy-efficient in comparison to the electric water heaters, which rely utterly on power to heat water.


Generally, the gas geysers are shot of a water tank or have a relatively smaller storage capacity compared to the electric heaters. As a result, the gas geysers are fairly compact and easier to install. Coming to the electric water heaters, they offer a storage capacity of 25 to 50L, which tends to make them quite bulky. A majority of people tend to experience a shortage of space in their houses. Hence, they go with the gas geysers that feature a compact design rather than the electric ones.


In comparison to the electric water heaters, the gas geysers tend to heat water nearly 3 times faster. Firstly, the electric water heaters store the water inside their tank wherein it gets even colder during the winters. Heating the stored water not just takes more time but added electricity, which makes things even worse. However, the gas geysers instantly start heating water as soon as you turn the tap for water. So, you won’t need to wait for the water to heat and can enjoy instant hot water baths.

In the gas geysers, the LPG cylinder proves to be the key, which offers instant fuel supply for a quick response. Hence, the gas geysers prove to be a decent choice as they best cater to the hot water requirements of a household.

Easy Installation

Owing to the compact and sleek design of the gas geysers, they are quite lightweight and allow for easy installation. However, the mounting has to be performed by a professional or a brand representative to ensure proper safety, durability, and performance.

Sleek Design

On the market, you can find that the Best Gas Geysers in India tend to boast a sleek & sophisticated design on top of being compact. Moreover, it is the sleek design that tends to appeal to the consumers big-time along with being a space-saving option. However, the electric water heaters can be quite fancy and attractive, but they aren’t generally sleek. Also, the gas geysers tend to match every type of bathroom setting owing to their sleek design. So, the gas geysers tend to match perfectly with the Indian requirements and hence, prove to be a superior option compared to their electric counterparts.


With that said, we suppose you also must have fallen in love with gas geysers owing to their affordability, energy-efficiency, performance, and sleek design. So, if you want to install a water heater at home but falling short on budget, don’t lose heart as the gas geysers are here for the rescue. Choose from the Best Gas Geyser in India to enjoy those extended hot water showers after a tiring day at work!

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