Nowadays, with the trend shifting towards DIY, people have even started styling their hair at home and saving ample money in the process. Doing so, not only money, you can even save the time you spend in the parlor. Now, a majority of people have hair straighteners at home and similarly, the demand for best hair curlers has also picked up! Therefore, today we will be reviewing the Best Hair Curlers in India for all those who prefer beautiful and voluminous curly hair.

However, there are a variety of automatic hair curlers you can find in the market, and hence, selecting one could be quite tricky at first. There are plenty of factors to consider like the barrel size and curling iron material so that you make the perfect choice for your kind of hair.

The final choice surely relies on your type of hair and the type of curls you prefer in your hairdo. Thus, to make things slightly easier we have provided the Curling Iron Buying Guide at the end of the product review. So, if you have been planning to buy a hair curler for a while, you have reached the right place!

Top 6 Best Hair Curler in India 2021 – Comprehensive Reviews

Havells HC4051 Digital and Temperature Control 25mm Hair Curler (Turquoise)

Havells launched one of its finest hair curlers in early 2019. It is available in spectacular turquoise color and sets itself apart from the rest. Being one of its kind, the curling iron comes with a ceramic-coated barrel giving it a unique look altogether. This hair curler is suitable for every type of hair. Be it, varying in length, nature, and their condition. The very convenient hair curler makes curling a piece of cake for the user with the adjustable temperature with a digital screen to keep the heat in check.

It auto shuts off when not in use for 60 minutes straight.  Besides, it is the perfect gadget for your hair when you are in a hurry since it heats up in 60 seconds, up to the temperature it is set upon. It is one of the quintessential hair curlers in 2020.

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • Helps the user get long-lasting and lustrous curled hair
  • Comes with the 1.8m lengthy power cord for easy styling
  • Equipped with the 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord
  • Offers superior safety with the 60-min automatic shut-off
  • Delivers 2-years product warranty to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Customized Temperature Settings
  • Built-In Cool Tip & Clamp
  • Rapid 60-Second Heating

The Downside

  • Relatively complex operation
  • Expensive than other hair curlers

VEGA Keratin 3 in 1 Hair Styler (Rose Gold)

VEGA has indeed brought a revolution in the world of hair curlers by launching India’s first-ever 3-in-1 hair styler. Besides curling, crimps, and straightens your hair! It was introduced in June 2020. One may picturise assorted tools when he or she thinks about a multitasking hair curler. But guess what? VEGA has made it simpler than ever by reducing all the mess of tools and attachments, to just a switch.

The user will only need to switch to one of the three styles, and the styler will adapt to the choice opted. And what about the damage caused by the heat of this hair curler? No need to worry about it. VEGA 3-in-1 hair styler comes with keratin coated plates leaving your hair styled with a silky smooth finish. Unquestionably, this hair curler is dream come true!

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • The plates glide smoothly with the keratin-coated plates
  • Allows you to perform straightening, crimping, and curling
  • Comprises the styling switch to get different kinds of styles
  • Comes with the easy locking system for added convenience
  • Delivers 2-years product warranty to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Multi-Purpose 3-in-1 Hair Styler
  • Keratin-Infused Ceramic-Coated Plates
  • All-in-One Styling Switch

The Downside

  • Comparatively expensive hair curling iron
  • The hairstyling iron is a touch heavy

Joker Shoppy Professional Pro Secret Hair Curler

If you are an amateur at curling yet want flawlessly curled hair in no time, Joker Shoppy’s recently-launched hair curler has realized right from your fantasy. The product succeeds at being effortless and brings out marvelous results. This hair curler automatically curls the strands of one’s hair! All one has to do is form bunches of hair strands and let the hair curler do its job.

As you lock your hair strands in the curler, the machine beeps within seconds, signalizing the strands being curled. And do not worry about the heat because the curler controls heat level while giving your hair beautiful curls. With zero efforts and a lot less time, one can get perfectly curled hair!

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • Comes with the temperature control feature for added safety
  • Helps you get the desired hair curling results within no time
  • Equipped with the Ceramic curling chamber for perfect results
  • Comprises the automatic shut-off function for convenience
  • Delivers the 360-degree swivel cord to avoid tangling of wires

The Upside

  • Automatic Curling Operation
  • Ultra-Fast Hair Curling Iron
  • Convenient Temperature Control

The Downside

  • Relatively heavy hair curling iron
  • There may be hair breakage at times

VEGA VHCS-01 Chopstick Hair Curler (Black)

VEGA is creating wonders when it comes to hair curlers. Yet again, it impressed its users with an all-new Chopstick Hair Curler that provides attractive corkscrew curls. It is ideal to use when one is looking to get curls that won’t fade quickly. VEGA’s Chopstick Hair Curler has a ceramic coated rectangular barrel that allows secure grip and intact curls. Besides, one need not worry about styling their hair with one hand because this hair curler has a cool tip to help the user curl accurately.

Owing to its unmatched provisions, the hair curler had been a best-seller after its launch in October 2019, and people still want to own one like it. VEGA Chopstick Hair Curler is a must-have as its unique features and provisions give it an edge over other hair curlers!

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • Equipped with the durable ceramic coated rectangular barrel
  • Appropriate to deliver tight and corkscrew curls with ease
  • Comes with the on/off switch along with the power indicator
  • Comprises the 360-degree swivel cord for tangle-free curling
  • Delivers 2-years product warranty to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Durable Ceramic Coated Barrel
  • Rapid 60-Second Heat-Up
  • Power Indicator Light

The Downside

  • Relatively expensive hair curling iron
  • Limited to just corkscrew curls

Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume and Shape

A professional all-in-one curling kit that works automatically cannot be better than this set by Dyson. It is everything one needs to have smooth, volume charged, and bouncy curls in the best way possible. It has an intelligent heat tracking system that does not allow the temperature to go higher than 150 degrees Celsius. Its attachments are one of a kind and do wonders when put into use. The hair curler is used mostly by professionals due to its high-end technology and design.

The set comes in an elegant leather box, giving it a more professional look. Besides curling, Dyson’s Airwrap can be used to straighten, smoothen, volumize, and altogether provide a fresh, frizz-free look to your hair. You can accomplish all kinds of bouncy curls with this hair curler, such as classy, beachy, tight, and whatnot! Even if you have fine hair that cannot be treated much with heat, yet you want amplified hair, investing in this kit is worth it!

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • Offers intelligent heat control feature to avoid any damages
  • Attracts and wraps the hair by only using air for ideal results
  • Manufactured to fashion quite voluminous hair curls & waves
  • Comes with the pre-styling dryer to deliver added convenience
  • Delivers 2-years product warranty to counter the defects

The Upside

  • Salon-Finish Hair Styling
  • Automatic Hair Curling
  • All-in-One Hair Styling Tool

The Downside

  • Too expensive hair styling product
  • The attachments can be confusing

Braun Satin Hair 1 AS110 Airstyler

How about a hair curler that even dries your hair first and then renders them with faultless curls, on its own, and on-the-go? Sounds perfect! Braun launched such a hair curler in 2017 that first dries your hair with an adjustable air blower and then stylishly curls your hair with customizable heating. Braun’s amazing creation does not need a socket to be connected to, to get power from; it runs on battery and is portable. Along with all these perks, the hair curler is fully automatic!

The product is still in demand and is still being manufactured owing to its features and convenient working. Plus point for those who have short hair and avoid breaking their banks to buy a hair curler, Braun’s Satin Hair curler is ideal for short hair! The barrel is surrounded with a round brush that reduces damage due to heat, detangles hair while drying, and gives a smooth finish to curled hair.

best hair curler

Top Specifications:

  • Fashions the small flicks and curls with the styling round-brush
  • Offers a uniform heat distribution to prevent hair from damage
  • Comes with the 2-meters long power cord for added suitability
  • Delivers apt flexibility with the twin heat and airflow settings
  • Provides 2-years product warranty against the flaws & defects

The Upside

  • Convenient Drying & Styling
  • Handy Roll-Out Function
  • On-The-Go Hair Styling Tool

The Downside

  • The battery might get drained
  • Not appropriate for long hair

Best Curling Iron in India – Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to discuss the aspects or features you need to check to buy the perfect hair curling machine to suit your preferences:

Hair Type

Firstly, you need to distinguish your hair type to get the right hair curling tool from the market! Your hair will come under the following categories that are namely curly, straight, long, short, or oily. Every curling iron has been made for a specific hair type, and ascertaining this becomes the primary step.

Automatic Operation

A majority of hair curlers are equipped with advanced technology and are a class apart from the rest of the options. The automatic hair curlers tend to perform the majority of work and you solely need to place the hair on to the machine. You won’t require twisting and turning it around or switching it on & off to produce the perfect curls. The automatic hair curler could be relatively expensive but are surely worth the price considering the convenience.


On the market, you can find curling irons available in different designs, and hence, you will require buying the one that suits your needs. Choosing the complex models would not just solve the purpose but make things difficult for you. Thus, we suggest you select the hair curler with an easy-to-use barrel for the ideal results.


For all the tools and devices meant for personal use, the safety factor becomes important to consider. Hence, you need to choose the hair curler that doesn’t compromise safety on any front. The food quality curling iron should comprise the automatic cut-off function. This feature will be your savior if you often tend to forget switching off the devices.

Barrel Size

Different curling irons are equipped with different types and sizes of barrels. Relying on the type of hair you have, you can determine the perfect barrel size for you. In case your hair is long, it is suggested to go for the long barrel. However, people with shorter hair should choose the short barrel curling iron for the perfect results. Or else, you would struggle to put your curling machine to the best use.


The level of precision provided by the hair curler in performing the task makes sure that your manes are curled the way you prefer. Hence, you should select the device that has been verified and tested on several quality parameters for the best curling results. Otherwise, you would find it difficult to get those tight corkscrew curls at home.

Ease of Use

The usability or functionality of the hair curler is another factor you need to consider for finding the perfect tool. Nobody likes to refer to the product manual every time you need to use an electrical appliance. As a result, buying the best-rated curling iron is important to ensure ease-of-use and better functionality on every occasion.

Temperature Control

The Top Hair Curlers in India come equipped with the temperature control feature. Having this convenient feature helps you keep the temperature under check so that your hair doesn’t get damaged. Moreover, the temperature control feature makes the curling iron suitable for different hair types. Also, you can enjoy the freedom to employ the barrel on any sort of hair.

Recommendation for Quick Buyers

If you have reached this point, we contemplate that you should have understood the importance of having the best hair curler at home. This is the reason why we have reviewed the top curling irons coming from the best hair curler brands for you! Moreover, we have made sure that we deliver a hair curler from every price point so that the budget doesn’t become an issue.

Additionally, if some of you still haven’t been able to choose the perfect hair curling iron for home use, we would like you to go with our product recommendation. The hair curler that we would recommend to our users is the VEGA Keratin 3 in 1 Hair Styler (Rose Gold), which will help you straighten, curl, and crimp your hair to stay ready for that next house party!